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"Jet." I whisper to myself, pondering the word. My mind processes it, savoring the sound, keeping the word close.

I jump when a loud banging sounded from Skyfall's stall. I turn around, my heart still pounding, instinct taking over. A wave of relief calms me when I realize it is just Skyfall.

He was taking pleasure and itching his cheek on the metal bars of the stall door. His eyes were closed and it almost seemed as though he was smiling.

I smile and shake my head. "What are you doing?!" I ask softly as I walk to the stall. He opens his deep black eyed and watched me carefully. I smile and look into his eyes. "Good morning my dear. Sleep well?"
He raises his head and purrs softly.
"I will take that as a yes." I reply with a tender laugh.

I look up into the beast's eyes, looking for clues. He appears to do the same.

We remain unchanged for what seems an hour until I break the silence.
"Why did you save me? I am not a morale person. Blood stains my hands and murder haunts my thoughts. For years I have fought and killed just for a scrap of food. The people I have killed did not deserve death. They were innocent." I search his eyes, hoping he can understand.

"I am a murder.....Why me?"

Skyfall lowers himself to my eye level, his eyes soft and compassionate. His warm breath brushes my cheeks before disappearing into the faint sunlight shining through the roof.

Tears stream down my pink cheeks as I watch him closely.

He lifts his head once more, pointing his nose towards the ceiling. He exhales deeply, the mist swirling around his nostrils before ascending into the sky. He then takes a deep breath then exhales once more, this time smoke forms around his nostrils. I watch as the smoke ascends in the air, wondering what he was trying to do. He lowers his head, a small stream of smoke still leaking from his nostrils. His gaze is still soft and understand as he places his head against the door. He purrs invitingly, watching me reassuringly.

I wiggle my fingers apprehensively, desperately wanting to trust him. But because I know so little about dragons, I don't know what I do is right or wrong.

But I do it anyways.

I walk up to the stall, closing the gap between us. I slowly raise my hand, keeping our gazes locked. He continually purrs, remaining calm and gentle.

I bite my lip, holding my hand centimeters from his head.
"Do it!! What do you have to loose?! Stop living with regret!" I yell internally at myself.

I furrow my brow then reach through the bars and place my hand on his forehead.

Everything dissolves into a open white space.

I lower my outstretched hand and look around, confused about everything. I desperately search for Skyfall and begin calling his name when he does not appear. I turn around and jump out of my skin when I see he is standing right behind me.
"Skyfall!!! Don't scare me like that!" I pant, my hand over my pounding heart.
He just looks at me with a blank expression.
"What is this place?!" I ask, completely confused.
Skyfall snorts then looks to his right. I follow his gaze and jump slightly.

The whole room has turned into a dark alley, one I recognize all to well.

A young man lays on the ground, covered in blood.
I am sitting against the wall, holding my bloody hand, crying as I look at the body.

"That's me. I killed him." I whisper, the memory coming back like a nightmare.

Skyfall snorts again and suddenly, the view is zoomed in on the corpse.

In his clenched hand is a knife but there is something else that I had not noticed. Tattooed on his knuckles is a capital S with an arrow piercing through a dragons skull above it.

My eyes widen and my face turns pale. "He was working for the government." I whisper in disbelief.

The view suddenly shifts to the street outside the alley where shadows line the cracked ground. I stare at the shadows and step back. "They were guards! They were tracking him!" I turned back to Skyfall, my face pale. "Why?! I must know?! Why were they tracking him?!"

Skyfall searches my expression then stands and turns around. I swiftly follow, not wanting to miss anything. He leads me through the city, past some of the places that haunt my past. We finally stop when we come to the massive gates separating the city from the capital. I look up at the massive skyscrapers. There are so many it is unbelievable they can put so many in such a cramped place.

Suddenly, we are in front of the tallest and most awe striking building. It's castle like appearance gives off a medieval feel.

"We shouldn't be here." I murmur, mainly to myself.

We are then, once again, transported. This time we are inside one of the skyscrapers. It is dark and dank in the circular brick room. I am surprised at how empty it is.

There is a light shining on the hall way wall, most likely caused by a fire. Skyfall wastes no time walking through the open doorway and down the hall.

I quickly catch up to him, not wanting to be alone.

He leads me to the end of the hall and into a large open room. A massive fire lights the empty room and causes me to squint. I survey the room. There are many tools hanging on the walls that grab my attention, but nothing like the sight before me.

I gasp and cusp my hands over my mouth as I stumble backwards, wanting to escape, wanting to dissolve into the heated air. But I can't. I have to face the truth.

And the truth kills.
Chapter 9.

(C) Me
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